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Bio-latem Technologies Pty Limited Timeline for bringing the IP/invention to commercialisation status


Next steps to bring project to commercialisation 

Toxicology Testing:

We need to commission an external company (Charles River Laboratories) for animal toxicology testing, which is an Australian TGA prerequisite for setting up and performing pilot trials in humans.



We are currently exploring two avenues of early diagnosis using biomarkers.  If successful, these will be effective early predictors of a predisposition to MM or asbestosis and treatments may stave off or prevent the progression of the disease.


Mouse lung trials:

We have a research team ready to implement a full mouse lung trial study to confirm our earlier mouse trial study which will parallel the best possible comparison with human lung trials.  If the success of the lung trial is as good as our peritoneal mouse trail, then a Phase I human clinical trial will be fast tracked.

The project to date has received support from a number of sources, however this has been sporadic. Before we undertake the next phase of the project we need to find a reliable source of funding.  We are simply two individuals passionate about driving this project to completion and kindly ask for any funding support.



The above graphic illustrates three areas of our IP that can be commercially developed and how they relate to one another, outlining a comprehensive diagnostic/treatment model. 

If you would like to help us further our Mesothelioma research or have any further questions please contact us here
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