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Lab Experiments


Below are a list of key discoveries that stem from our published mouse model study and patent claims.


  • The compound helps to moderate the cytokine storm which stops the immune system going crazy and harming the cells of the body, like what happens in auto-immune diseases.

  • Moderates free radical damage by helping to prevent asbestos fibre damage to lung cells.

  • Macrophages capture and remove asbestos fibres from tissues and organs, like little garbage trucks driving around picking up the asbestos fibres and taking them out of the body. In asbestos treated mice, the tissues have very low macrophage populations but with the compound (plus asbestos) macrophage numbers return to near normal.

  • First compound to show promising results for a disease that responds poorly to current cancer treatments.

  • The compound has the potential to be used for treating patients with asbestos related diseases (asbestosis and mesothelioma) and as a preventative for people who have be exposed to asbestos that have not yet shown symptoms of the diseases.

  • The compound may be used in different delivery modes, that is, by direct intubation or injection at the site of tumours, or by respiratory nebulisers and puffers.

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